5 Essential Tools for a Pro-Level Home Workshop

The right equipment to make your job site more efficient.

The right tools won't just make your job faster and easier; they can make an entire job site more efficient by minimizing the amount of equipment needed. Ready to transform your workshop to pro-grade status? Compact yet powerful, the five essential tools below are your new go-tos—the kind of workhorses you'll want on your side if your plans are ambitious and your space is limited.

  1. Drill driver: Compact and powerful, it's a go-to for fastening and drilling jobs.
  2. Hex impact driver: It drives in large screws and bolts with pro-level rotational force.
  3. Right-angle impact driver: It drives screws into spots that other tools can’t reach.
  4. Compact jigsaw: It cuts at unusual angles, making it great for curves and sharp angles.
  5. Compact reciprocating saw: It cuts through nearly anything, including wood, nails, PVC, and metal.

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