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The Best Insulated Screwdrivers for Electrical Repairs

Avoid accidental shocks with these current-blocking tools.

best insulated screwdrivers
Staff, Courtesy of Klein Tools

If you’re working on or near wiring or electrical systems, insulated screwdrivers offer some protection against an accidental shock. These tools, which are made with materials designed to help block an electrical current, can also be handy when you are working with electronics that could be damaged by static electricity.

Remember, using an insulated screwdriver isn’t a failproof guarantee that means you can get complacent around electricity. You should still be diligent about following all important safety guidelines and precautions.

What to Consider

Safety protections and certifications: Professional trade standards dictate that insulated tools should have a 1,000-volt rating, which typically means they have actually been tested at 10,000 volts. Manufacturers will often specify that tools meet standards set by industry codes or professional associations. The most commonly referenced entities are The International Electrotechnical Commission (IEC); National Fire Protection Association (NFPA); and VDE, a testing and certification institute in Germany that often uses VDE-GS as its certifying designation.

Head style: Just like regular screwdrivers, insulated screwdrivers come with a variety of head styles. The type or types you need most often will depend on the jobs you do. Buying a set of screwdrivers will ensure you have a variety of styles handy.

Dual-layer insulation: These screwdrivers are specifically designed to offer greater safety when working near electricity because they are made with materials such as rubber or plastic that aren’t conductive. Most insulated screwdrivers sold today have two levels of insulation. This provides enhanced protection and is also a good way to spot wear in the screwdriver. If you can see the inner layer of insulation, that means the screwdriver should probably be replaced.

How We Evaluated

In researching a variety of options to find the best insulated screwdrivers, I considered my firsthand experience. As the former owner of a construction business and passionate DIYer, I’ve used insulated screwdrivers in a range of settings. They are a valuable safety measure when performing repairs near wiring and anything that could produce a spark. Around the house, I use them for basic home repairs and for electronics projects such as assembling computer hardware systems. My deep familiarity combined with hundreds of customer reviews on Amazon and manufacturer websites led me to recommend the nine models below.

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Best Overall
Wiha 32094

Key Specs

  • Head Styles: Flat and Phillips
  • Notable Safety Designations: 1,000-volt rated; meets VDE standards for arc flash protection

This set includes 13 full screwdrivers of varying sizes and types. The two-level construction lends extra protection and comfortable handling. Identification is prominently marked on the handles so you can quickly find the one you need. Customers were pleased with the quality construction, and numerous Amazon users raved that this was the best insulated screwdriver set they’ve ever used.

  • High quality
  • Large identifying markings on handles

  • Relatively higher price
Basic All-Purpose Set
Hurricane Screwdriver Set

Key Specs

  • Head Styles: Flat, Phillips, Pozidriv, and Torx
  • Notable Safety Designations: 1,000-volt rated; VDE and GS certified

This 13-piece set features an ergonomically designed handle and an assortment of interchangeable shanks. Crafted with industrial level quality, these screwdrivers would meet the needs of professionals but are also a great choice for DIYers. The magnetic tips are convenient for picking up screws and other small items.

  • Included storage case is made to withstand drops and bangs
  • Magnetic tips

  • Some Amazon users report the holding clips inside the case are prone to break easily
Best Value
Horusdy ‎94244

Key Specs

  • Head Styles: Phillips and slotted
  • Notable Safety Designation: 1,000-volt rated

This set includes eight full screwdrivers of varying types and sizes, all of which have blades that were heat-treated to be extra durable. The ergonomic comfort-grip handle helps prevent aches and strains. The tips are magnetic, but some Amazon users report the pull is fairly weak.

  • Comfortable handle
  • Includes plastic carrying case

  • Magnetic tips could be stronger
Quality You Can Count On
Klein Tools 32288
Klein Tools
$19.99 (60% off)

Key Specs

  • Head Styles: Phillips, slotted, and square
  • Notable Safety Designations: 1,000-volt rated; meets or exceeds ASTM F1505 standard

This 8-in-1 set includes an insulated handle and an assortment of blades that all have a slim tip designed to fit in tight spaces. The insulation is designed to be impact- and flame-resistant. You get the dependable quality that you would expect from Klein Tools, and the whole set fits securely in the accompanying carrying pouch.

  • Includes carrying pouch
  • Auto-eject features lets you swap blades quickly

  • Not magnetic
2-in-1 Design
Klein Tools 32293
Klein Tools

Key Specs

  • Head Styles: Phillips and slotted
  • Notable Safety Designations: 1,000-volt rated; exceeds the ASTM F1505 standards

This 2-in-1 screwdriver is a great choice if you only want to carry one tool yet still have the ability to complete a variety of jobs. Flip the dual-tipped blade around to switch between the Phillips and slotted heads. The durable quality means you can count on this lasting a long time.

  • Space-saving efficiency
  • High-quality construction

  • Not magnetic
Full-Size Set
XOOL Screwdriver Set

Key Specs

  • Head Styles: Slotted and Phillips
  • Notable Safety Designations: 1,000-volt rated; VDE-GS certified

This set includes eight full screwdrivers, each of which meets VDE criteria for safe working standards. The non-slip grip allows for comfortable handling while minimizing strain. The chrome vanadium steel blade is durable and strong, designed to resist damage and bending. What’s missing? Tip markings for quick and easy tool identification.

  • Magnetic tips
  • Includes most commonly used head styles and sizes

  • No tip markings
Affordable and Effective
Ideal Industries 35-9305
Ideal Industries

Key Specs

  • Head Styles: Slotted and Phillips
  • Notable Safety Designations: 1,000-volt rated; meets ASTM F1505 standards

This pair of insulated screwdrivers provides you with two popular head styles and sizes that you can use for a variety of common jobs. Amazon users say they are well-made, and the handles are comfortable enough to minimize strain and fatigue. They deliver a good value at a relatively low price point.

  • Comfortable handle
  • Affordable price

  • Not magnetic
Most Comfortable Handle
Wera 5347777001

Key Specs

  • Head Styles: Slotted, Phillips, and square
  • Notable Safety Designations: 1,000-volt rated; VDE-GS certified

This set includes six full screwdrivers, each of which has a laser tip end for a precise fit. Plus, Wera employs its Kraftform ergonomics in the handle for maximum comfort. The grip conforms to the shape of your hand, and the anti-roll design prevents the tools from rolling away on a table or shelf.

  • Comfortable handle
  • Anti-roll design

  • Some Amazon users were annoyed by the inconsistent color schemes
Set with Full-Size and Precision Handles
DeWalt DWHT66417
$34.99 (10% off)

Key Specs

  • Head Styles: Slotted, Phillips, and square
  • Notable Safety Designations: 1,000-volt rated; VDE-GS certified

This set includes two handles—one full-size and one precision—and eight interchangeable blades. DeWalt is known for high-quality tools, and judging by Amazon reviews, these screwdrivers live up to that reputation, earning raves for the craftsmanship and durability. The insulation is molded directly onto the blade for enhanced safety and strength. The included carrying pouch keeps the set organized and protected.

  • Reliable quality
  • Includes canvas carrying pouch

  • Not magnetic
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