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The 6 Best Temperature-Controlled Mugs to Keep Your Drinks Warm

Tired of your hot coffee cooling down too quickly? One of these temperature-controlled mugs will ensure your hot beverage stays that way.

temperature controlled mugs
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Few things are more invigorating in the morning than making a cup of coffee or tea, especially during the winter months. Unfortunately, typical mugs will begin cooling off in a few minutes, and if you prefer to take your time and casually sip your drink, you could find yourself with a lukewarm, unsatisfying beverage. Temperature-controlled mugs solve this problem by keeping your drink piping hot, so you can enjoy it for hours instead of minutes. These convenient mugs can either be battery-powered, use a special coaster to transfer heat to the mug, or some even do both.

What to Consider

The main factor to consider when choosing a temperature-controlled mug is how portable you need it to be. Mugs that are designed with a battery inside the unit itself can be carried anywhere, and don’t tether you to your desk or countertop. These batteries won’t last forever, though, and once they’re dead, you’re stuck carrying around a heavy mug with cold coffee.

Mugs that use heating coasters on the other hand have an unlimited runtime, and as long as you stay near your desk or countertop, your drink will stay hot all day. They’re less portable, though, and will begin to cool off as soon as you pick them up.

You should also think about whether or not you’d like to control your mug using a smartphone app. These can allow you to customize precise temperatures and alert settings, but could also be more trouble than they’re worth if you don’t need them.

How We Selected

When curating this list of options, we carefully studied the online reviews and customer feedback for many of the options on the market today. We then narrowed down our list by eliminating products that appeared to be chronically unreliable or had frequent safety issues, like overheating. Since users will have different priorities and concerns regarding runtime, temperature ranges, and portability, we made sure to include a variety of styles to choose from. Pricing was also taken into consideration, so regardless of your budget situation, you should be able to find an option that suits your needs.

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Best Overall Option
Ember Smart Mug 2

Available in either black or white, this Ember mug will keep your drink hot for up to 80 minutes by itself, or all day if you utilize the included charging coaster. It’s compatible with the Ember app too, which allows you to customize presets, preferences and receive notifications when your drink has reached your desired temperature. 

A scratch-resistant ceramic finish makes this mug nice and durable, and its water-resistant design allows you to hand-wash it without harming the battery or internal components. In addition to an auto-sleep setting, this mug also wakes up and starts heating as soon as it senses liquid inside.

  • Durable construction
  • App-compatible

  • Expensive
Best Multifunctional Travel Option
Ember Travel Mug

This multifunctional option would be a great choice for those who want to ensure their drink will stay piping hot all day, wherever they may be. 

With a battery life of 3 hours, the mug itself allows you to carry your drink on the go, and whenever it’s ready for a recharge, the included charging coaster will bring it back up to full power. Plus, the handy smartphone app allows you to customize the precise temperature of your drink, from 120 to 145 degrees. 

Its auto sleep function is another convenient feature, and will shut off the mug after 2 hours of inactivity.

  • Includes charging coaster
  • Leakproof lid
  • LED battery life indicator

  • Very expensive
Low-Budget Coaster Option

If you don’t need to travel with your drink, this mug and its heating coaster could be a great option. Although the mug itself doesn’t have a heating element, it uses the included coaster to raise and maintain the temperature of your drink, ensuring it will stay hot virtually all day. 

The simple design of this model is also useful for those who don’t want to deal with buttons, apps, or batteries—you simply set the mug on the base and it automatically begins heating. 

Keep in mind that the coaster only works with the mug that comes with it, so you won’t be able to use a personal mug or cup. 

  • No batteries to worry about
  • Low price
  • Available in black or white

  • Not as portable as battery-powered models
Low-Budget Travel Option
Vsitoo Smart Mug

The sliding lid on this 14-ounce mug makes it portable enough to take on a walk or in the car, and depending on the set temperature, can function for up to 8 hours on a single battery charge. 

The temperature can be adjusted from 96 and 149 degrees—the widest range of all our picks—and can be controlled by using the Vsitoo app, or via the buttons on the mug itself.  We’re also big fans of the LED indicator on the side of the mug, which gives you a real-time view of the current temperature as well as battery life.

  • More affordable than similar battery-powered mugs
  • Includes charging coaster
  • 14-ounce capacity
Best Warming Coaster

You’ll have to supply your own flat-bottomed cup, but the low price and hassle-free design of this warming coaster could be a great deal for the right customer. A single control button turns the unit on and also adjusts the temperature, so you won’t have to deal with extra controls or apps. 

An auto-shutoff feature will power off the coaster after four hours, and the 59-inch cord should be long enough for most desk setups. Our favorite feature of this model is the fact that it comes with six colors, making it much easier to match your existing home decor.

  • Multiple colors available
  • Helpful instructions
Most Versatile Option
Muggo 12

This Muggo mug can be used either as a temperature-controlled mug or—by simply removing the battery—a standard travel mug without any extra weight. The spill-resistant rubber seal and fully-closable lid combine to nearly eliminate the chances of spills or leakage, and the powerful battery heats up your liquid in about ten minutes. 

Our favorite feature of this mug is its dual charging coaster, which has two docking spaces, one for the battery to recharge, and the other to continue heating your drink while you wait. Its impressive 95-150 degree temperature range is also a nice perk.

  • Wide range of temperatures
  • Convenient USB-C charging input
  • Removable battery

  • Expensive
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