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The 9 Best Grill Brushes for All Your Barbecuing Needs

Because cleaning with all the elbow grease you can muster only goes so far.

best grill brushes
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No matter how advanced your grilling skill may be, you can't achieve perfection without the right tools. That goes for cooking and properly cleaning your grates afterward to ready them for the next barbecue feast. It's important to find the right grill brush to suit your grates, and the good news is that they're incredibly affordable, with most of what's out there available for $25 or less. No matter what kind of grill you own, whether it's a portable grill to take camping or a smoker, read on for our top picks for the best grill brushes on the market right now.

What to Consider

Higher quality grill brushes often have rust-resistant stainless steel bristles, and there are also bristle-free ones that have rows of stainless steel mesh. While many are listed as being safe to use on all grill grate surfaces, if you have a grill with a porcelain or ceramic grate, you may wish to go for a bristle-free brass mesh brush, as the metal is softer than stainless steel and will clean more gently. Grill brushes are typically between 12 and 18 inches long, with handles generally made of wood or hard plastic. Extra features to look out for include handle grips, scrapers with notches to reach the sides of grates.

How We Chose

All of the grill brushes we features below have at least and average four stars, with the majority scoring 4.5 stars or higher. We cover a variety of sizes and styles—everything a brush with a classic wooden handle to a super-portable mini option, plus offer picks across multiple price points, though most are pretty budget-friendly, starting at about $10 and capping off at roughly $23.

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Editors' Choice
Grillart Grill Brush
$16.97 (24% off)

There’s a triple set of stainless steel bristles at the end of this grill brush from Grillart, along with a substantial stainless steel scraper at the tip for lifting caked-on grease and other debris. The bristles extend up toward the scraper and the brush’s 18-inch handle for getting into hard to reach places in between grates. 

The handle has a nonslip coating, plus it’s well angled to keep your hand away from the grill’s heat. The brush is said to be safe for all grill surfaces, plus, in addition to being our top pick, it gets high marks from reviewers, with an average 4.7 stars from more than 11,600 customers. 

Our Value Pick
Weber Three-Sided Grill Brush
$10.99 (21% off)

This grill brush may look like a lightweight, but it delivers solid cleaning power for the  price—less than $12 at the time of this writing. It’s another customer favorite, with an impressive average 4.7 stars from well over 17,000 buyers. 

The beauty of this option is its wide, triangular brush head, with a row of stainless steel bristles that wrap around the edges for effectively cleaning in between grates in addition to the top. The 12-inch Weber brush’s handle is simple and several customers say that they find it comfortable to use, but it doesn’t have grips like some other pricier brushes.

A Step Up
Kona 360 Clean Grill Brush
$19.95 (33% off)

Like our Editors’ Choice pick, this brush has three stainless steel hard-wired bristles connected to an 18-inch handle, with textured grips on the bottom so you can put some muscle into scrubbing without your fingers slipping. 

It’s listed as safe to use on all grill surfaces, including porcelain and ceramic, to scour grime off without scratching. There’s a metal ring at the top of the handle for hanging it next to your other essential grilling tools, plus it comes with a limited 5-year warranty. 

It's also a customer favorite, earning an average 4.6 stars from more than 6,000 reviewers.

Best With Wooden Handle
Weber 18-Inch Bamboo Grill Brush

If you like the look of a grill brush with a traditional wooden handle, this option from Weber is an excellent choice. The 12-inch bamboo brush has a stainless steel scraper on the end cleverly designed, with a notch shaped to fit each grill grate for effective cleaning that allows you to reach the toughest, grimiest spots. There’s a dense square of thick bristles that won’t rust, plus an extra-long loop at the top of the handle. 

More than 3,800 customers give the grill brush an average 4.6 stars, and several say that it’s an excellent value for the price—under $15 at the time of this writing. 

Best Bristle-Free
Grillart Bristle-Free Grill Brush
$19.94 (34% off)

Here’s another superb option from Grillart for those who prefer their grill brushes bristle-free. It features a triple-row helix of stainless steel mesh that’s flexible yet rigid enough to hold up to plenty of scrubbing, plus there's a sizable stainless steel scraper at the tip with a notch at each corner to target individual grates. 

They’re attached to a rust-resistant galvanized twisted wire that extends up to an 18-inch handle with an ergonomic shape, tapered at the middle with grooves for a firm grip. The brush is said to be safe to use on a variety of grill grates, including porcelain.

Best With Scraper
BBQ-AID Grill Brush and Scraper
$21.99 (21% off)

This handsome grill brush has a 15-inch acacia wood handle, with an all-stainless steel top that features a heavy-duty scraper for lifting the most stubborn residue off the grate. 

The scraper is particularly good at getting the job done because of its thickness and shape, with two wide notches that cover more surface area on the grates. The dense square patch of wire bristles are also stainless steel and are said to be scratch-free, no matter what type grill you own. More than 300 customers give it an average 4.7 stars.

Best for Porcelain and Ceramic Grates
Grillaholics Essentials Brass Grill Brush

There are plenty of grill brushes that claim to be safe to use on porcelain and ceramic grates, but this one is specifically made for them. 

Its brass bristles are softer than stainless steel, so it’s extra gentle, but no less effective in scouring your grates until they sparkle. It features an 18-inch handle that has a nonslip coating, with three, five-and-a-half-inch rows of bristles attached to a stainless steel twisted wire. The grill brush is well-priced too, and the lifetime warranty is a major bonus.

Best Grill Brush Set
Grilljoy Grill Brush Set

This popular brush set—with two exchangeable heads plus a carrying case—is a steal, priced at about $14 at the time of this writing. The set comes with a woven wire brush that has three rows of bristles along with a wire-free brush that has a triple row of stainless steel mesh. Both have notched scrapers, each with a different design to pair with the shape and angle of the brush heads. 

To switch them out, simply unscrew the top from the 20.5-inch handle, which is tapered in the middle with a grip. The set makes a great gift for any grill enthusiast.

9 GrillPro 77330 8-Inch Resin Grill Brush

If you have a portable grill and want to give a quick scrub-down before hitting the road, this option is your best bet. The mini grill brush is only eight inches long, small enough to tuck in the pocket of a backpack, and features stainless steel bristles and a resin handle with ridges to prevent your fingers from slipping while you clean. There’s also a steel scraper at the tip that has notches on either end to scrub the sides of the grates.

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