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8 Best Handsaws for Any Workshop

Every homeowner and DIYer should have this essential tool.

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Handsaws are among the most basic and fundamental of all the essentials you will find in any workshop. That and a hammer are often the first purchases every homeowner, DIYer, or budding craftsman invests in to start stocking their toolbox or work truck. So it’s vital to get a good one.

The unsung workhorses of the workshop, handsaws are unassuming but efficient. They aren’t flashy like power tools and don’t have a lot of bells and whistles like more sophisticated pieces of equipment. But they are reliable. You can count on your trusty handsaw to get the job done.

Having owned a construction and maintenance business for more than 15 years and currently renovating a fixer-upper, I have a lot of experience with different brands and styles of handsaw in all sorts of environments, and for many different types of jobs.

How We Evaluated

In assessing a broad range of handsaws, I especially focused on these characteristics:

Blade length: Obviously, you can achieve longer cuts in less time with a longer blade. But a shorter blade can be more convenient and easier to handle, especially in tight spaces.

Teeth per inch: As the name implies, this indicates the number of teeth found in each inch of the blades. As a general rule, a higher TPI measurement will achieve a smoother cut.

I also highlighted some tasks for which each saw would be a great choice. In selecting our recommended saws, I drew upon my firsthand experience and also considered the feedback of hundreds of users who posted reviews on retail sites like Amazon and Lowes.

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Most Versatile
WilFiks Pro Hand Saw

• Blade length: 16 in.
• TPI: 9
• Best used for: Almost any cutting-related task

If you’re looking for a jack-of-all-trades type of saw, this is a great option. It can handle a wide variety of materials including wood, drywall, plastic pipe, and shrubbery. This saw has a 9 TPI measurement, and each of those teeth has three cutting surfaces for fast, efficient results. The blade is constructed from high-carbon steel for stability. The slip-resistant handle allows a comfortable yet secure grip.

  • Multipurpose, general-use flexibility
  • Nonslip ergonomic handle

  • Other saws handle pruning and trimming better
Quality Reputation
Craftsman Hand Saw

• Blade length: 15 in
• TPI: 8
• Best used for: General cutting of wood and plastic

Craftsman is a name professionals trust, and this all-purpose saw offers the kind of reliability you would expect from the brand. The teeth—which have been strengthened via a heat-treated process—are strategically configured to allow for fast yet precise cutting. Users on both Amazon and noted the sharpness of the teeth when this saw is brand new.

  • Reliable Craftsman quality
  • Produces clean cuts

  • Sharpness requires careful handling
Budget Pick
Hautmec Pro Hand Saw

• Blade length: 14 in.
• TPI: 11
• Best used for: Wood and plywood

This budget-friendly saw has an 11-TPI blade with teeth that have a triple-ground edge for faster cutting. The ergonomically designed, soft-rubber anti-slip handle provides greater comfort and control. While not really intended for complicated or challenging tasks, this saw would be fine for the casual DIYer or hobbyist who enjoys wood projects and simple repairs.

  • Low price
  • Easy to use

  • Not as durable as some more expensive saws
Long-Lasting Sharpness
Stanley Hand Saw

• Blade length: 15 in.
• TPI: 11
• Best used for: Quick cuts for basic wood projects  

Get the quality you expect from the Stanley name, at a surprisingly modest price point. Given that this is called a SharpTooth model, you probably won’t be surprised to learn that its teeth—which the manufacturer says can retain their sharpness up to five times longer than those on the average saw blade—are a primary selling point.

  • Reliable Stanley quality
  • Affordable price
  • Sharp teeth

  • Not ideal for fine cuts
Most Stable
GreatNeck Aggressive Tooth Handsaw

• Blade length: 15 in.
• TPI: 9
• Best used for: All-purpose wood cutting  

This saw is designed to last, even with heavy use. The solidly built frame is made from sturdy aluminum for toughness and greater longevity. The saw’s tri-bevel tooth design allows fast and efficient cutting. The 12-inch ruler marked right on the frame is a nice feature for easy measuring without having to grab a tape measure.

  • Durability and longevity
  • Fast and efficient

  • Relatively pricey
Speediest Cuts
Irwin Tools Universal Handsaw

• Blade length: 20 in.
• TPI: 11
• Best used for: Woodworking projects that need to be done quickly  

They say time is money, and this saw lets you save both. It is especially geared toward the busy user who doesn’t want their saw to slow them down. The modest price doesn’t mean you have to sacrifice quality; the blade features triple-ground teeth for fast cutting and a lacquer coating to ensure smooth operation.

  • Fast, aggressive cutting
  • Affordable price

  • Not as durable as some higher-priced saws
Portable Pruner
Gonicc Professional Folding Handsaw

• Blade length: 9.4 in.
• TPI: Not specified
• Best used for: Pruning and trimming  

This tool is handy to have around whenever you might need to cut small branches or clear some brush. The high-carbon steel blade is strong and sturdy, and you can’t beat the price. The lock-in blade stays put when folded, meaning you can safely stash this in your backpack or tool bag.

  • Great for trimming and yard work
  • Foldable, lock-in blade

  • Thin blade may be wobbly
Lenox Tools High-Tension Hacksaw
Lenox Tools
$22.98 (39% off)

• Blade length: 12 in.
• TPI: 24
• Best used for: Cutting metal and plastic  

Sure, some like to quibble about whether a hacksaw even falls under the category of handsaws at all, but we think it qualifies; every job site or workshop should have at least one really good hacksaw. This one’s a great choice, with a high-tension blade that ensures accurate cuts. You can also easily convert it to a jab saw by swapping in any Lenox jab blade.

  • Accurate cuts
  • Convertible to jab saw

  • Not as versatile as some all-purpose saws
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