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The 11 Best Phone Holder Stands

A phone holder stand will keep your smartphone in place for calls, videos, or anything else you need.

phone holder stands
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Your smartphone can do just about everything — except hold itself up. For this, people usually resort to propping it up on some books, their cup, or anything else that is nearby on their desk. But, with a phone holder stand, you can easily keep your phone sitting up and keep it that way, completely hands-free. Phone stands are great for video conferencing, phone calls, watching videos, and more. There are plenty of options out there though, so we’ve narrowed it down so you don’t have to. Check out our list below to see the best phone holder stands out there today.

What to Consider

When you’re choosing a phone stand, you’ll need to keep a few things in mind in order to pick the best one for your needs. Here are the main features you’ll want to look out for and consider when making your choice:

Compatibility: Compatibility will be the first thing you need to look at. Make sure that your selected phone holder stand is able to fit and support your phone.

Ergonomics: The whole point of having a cell phone holder is so you can easily look at your phone without having to hold it up yourself. Thus, it should have ergonomic design in mind. Make sure it has the ability to adjust heights, angles, and more according to your needs.

Placement: Are you planning on traveling with your phone holder? Do you want it to stay on your desk? Think about where you’ll be keeping your phone holder and factor that into your decision.

How We Selected

In order to round up the best phone holder stands for you, we considered the various different reasons someone might need a phone stand and categorized them by use case. With this in mind, you can just scroll through and find the phone stand category that fits what you’re wanting. Also, we’ve compared our choices to other reputable sources like GearLab, TechAdvisor, and more. Finally, we’ve made sure all of our products have at least four stars or more on Amazon, so you can trust you’re getting a great stand. Check out our choices and find the right phone stand for you!

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Best Overall
Omoton Cell Phone Stand

Compatible with phones from 4 to 10.2 inches

If you want a phone stand that checks just about every box, make it the Omoton Cell Phone Stand. This stand can hold just about any size phone, has a nice sturdy base, and has multiple viewing angles. You can also put your phone in portrait or landscape mode if you want. 

The affordable price point and the multiple color options are the icing on the cake. This is a great stand if you’re looking for a permanent addition to your desk workspace.

  • Multiple viewing angles
  • Multiple colors
  • Sturdy base

  • Not the most portable option
Most Travel-Friendly
Nulaxy Foldable Cell Phone Stand
$11.99 (20% off)

Compatible with phones from 4 to 10 inches

If you’re always on the move, you’ll need a phone stand that is lightweight and easy to move. The Nulaxy Foldable Cell Phone Stand is fully collapsible, making it easy for you to grab it and go. A nice sturdy base and the ability to change angles means you can adjust it to a comfortable viewing angle that works for you. There are even a few different color options that can match your style and work setup.

  • Easy to travel with and move
  • Easy to adjust angles
  • Multiple color options
  • Super affordable

  • Doesn’t have the widest range of viewing angles
Lowest Profile

Compatible with all phones

If you’re wanting your phone to always have a phone stand readily available, then a PopSocket is your answer. PopSockets stick right to the back of your phone and can easily pop out and prop your phone up whenever you need it to. Once you’re done, you can push it back in and fit it easily in your pocket, backpack, or bag. 

It’s also great for getting a better grip on your phone, especially if your phone is a larger size. Plus, you can count on it working for any phone.

  • Fits any phone
  • Can prop up your phone anywhere
  • Affordable

  • Doesn’t have a sturdy base
  • Limited viewing angles
Highest Degree of Adjustability
Lamicall Gooseneck Phone Holder

Compatible with phones from 4 to 7 inches

If you’re wanting a phone holder that can give you any and all viewing angles, the Lamicall Gooseneck Phone Holder is a great choice. 

This gooseneck lets you bend and bow your phone to your will and it's plenty long, making it great for a wide variety of applications. The clamp is extra sturdy to grip onto your table, desk, or counter, and the neck itself is reinforced to hold up the weight of your phone easily.

  • Widest degree of viewing angles
  • Clamp lets you set it up just about anywhere

  • Isn't big enough for extra-large phones
Best for Desk and Tabletops
Lisen Height Adjustable Phone Stand
$12.99 (19% off)

Compatible with phones from 4 to 10 inches

Sitting down all day is definitely not the best thing for your health. Sometimes it’s good to stand up during the workday and stretch your legs. 

If you work from a standing desk or tabletop, make sure you get the Lisen Height Adjustable Phone Stand. This stand allows you to raise your phone height up to 8.5 inches. There are also multiple angles of adjustability to prevent neck strain. 

A sturdy base keeps your stand in place and even has room for you to store some small items.

  • Able to adjust height and angle
  • Big stable base

  • Not the most portable option
Most Universally Compatible
Skejer Phone Stand
$16.99 (11% off)

Compatible with nearly every smartphone, can hold tablets up to 13 inches

Having a dedicated phone holder is great, but if you’re looking for a stand that can hold just about every touchscreen device you own, go for the Skejer Phone Stand. This stand can hold any smartphone, most tablets, and even a Nintendo Switch! Also, it has nice height adjustability options and a wide range of angle adjustments. A nice sturdy base ensures even your heaviest devices will be held up on this stand.

  • Holds smartphones, tablets, and gaming devices
  • Height and angle adjustment
  • Sturdy base

  • Not a ton of portability
  • The grip for your device isn’t the most secure
Best for Video Conference and Recording
UBeesize Cell Phone Holder and Ring Light

Compatible with almost all smartphones

Everyone knows good lighting is essential when you’re in Zoom calls or if you’re creating content on your phone. The UBeesize Cell Phone Holder and Ring Light combines great lighting and a phone holder in one versatile package. 

The ring light comes with three lighting modes including warm, cool, and daylight settings. Each lighting mode also has 11 levels of brightness. The tripod base gives you tons of adjustability, letting you get low angles, high angles, and just about anything else you can imagine. It even comes with a Bluetooth remote to capture pictures and videos.

  • Lighting is built-in
  • Tons of adjustability

  • One of the pricier options
  • Have to carry a tripod around if you want to travel with it
No-Frills Option
Ugreen Cell Phone Stand

Compatible with phones from 4 to 7.9 inches

Sometimes you don’t need a super fancy phone holder. Sometimes you just need something to set your phone on that lets you easily change the angle. The best no-frills option on our list is the Ugreen Cell Phone Stand. It doesn’t do anything spectacular, but it doesn’t do much wrong either. It’s easy to set up, gives you multiple angles, and is the absolute cheapest option on our list. If you love simplicity, this is the one for you.

  • Simple and affordable
  • Multiple angles

  • Doesn’t fit the larger size phones
  • No special features
  • Hard to plug your phone in when it’s sitting vertically
Best for Wireless Charging
Anker PowerWave Stand

Compatible with iPhones, Galaxy phones, Samsung phones, and Note phones with wireless charging capabilities

If you have a phone that has wireless charging capabilities, the Anker PowerWave Stand might be the right choice for you. You can easily set your phone up and let it charge while you use it. It even has fast charging for Samsung phones. It can also charge whether you’re in landscape or portrait mode. 

The downsides are that you won’t be able to change the angle, and metal cases, credit cards, and stands attached to your phone will interfere with charging. However, if charging is important and you just need something to prop your phone up, this is a great option.

  • Wireless charging
  • Price is surprisingly affordable

  • Can’t adjust height or angles
Best for Watching Shows and Movies
Fanlory Screen Magnifier Stand

Compatible with most smartphones

If you’re someone who likes to watch their shows and movies on their phone, the Fanlory Screen Magnifier Stand is going to change the game for you. This stand uses a magnifier to turn your phone into a mini projector, expanding your screen size to up to 12 inches. 

The ring stand can also easily adjust the height for better viewing angles. It also folds down nearly flat, so you can bring it along with you when you’re traveling. This one isn’t the best option for office use, but it can’t be beaten when it comes to watching videos.

  • Great for watching videos
  • Easy to transport

  • Not super useful outside of watching videos
  • Limited adjustability
Best for Extra Storage
Teslyar Phone Docking Station

Compatible with most smartphones

If you’re looking to maximize your desk space while also giving your phone an angled home, the Teslyar Phone Docking Station is for you. This station comes in a beautiful wood finish, has a nice, angled location for your phone, and has plenty of room for your other desk items and knick-knacks. This helps you keep your desk organized while also putting your phone at a more comfortable viewing angle. It even has a built-in slot for your charging cord to fit through.

  • Plenty of storage for other items
  • Nice wood finish and design

  • Not adjustable
  • Expensive
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