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The Best Nintendo Switch Headsets for Immersive Gaming

Whether you’re looking for noise-cancelling cans or a great microphone for streaming and chatting, we’ve got you covered.

best nintendo switch headsets
Staff, Courtesy of Alienware

It’s no secret that the built-in speakers in the Nintendo Switch leave something to be desired. They’re small, occasionally tinny, and don’t always do justice to the beautiful audio in indie games like The Gardens Between. Gamers have long considered headphones the best way to enjoy your Switch experience, especially with games like Breath of the Wild that have such complex sound.

When it comes to choosing the best headset for your Switch, there are lots of factors to consider, and the new Bluetooth headphone capability opens the door to even more options. Keep reading for buying advice and reviews of 10 great Nintendo Switch headsets.

The Basics of Nintendo Switch Audio

The best options for Nintendo Switch gaming headsets depend on whether you’re playing on your own, gaming with friends via the internet, or streaming on Twitch, along with other factors like sound quality, comfort, and price.

First, let’s break down the audio specs for the various Switch models. All three models—the classic Switch, Switch Lite, and Switch OLED—come with the same speakers and audio output jacks. The Switch Lite’s speakers are underneath the device, which some users say their hands cover while they’re playing. The Lite also has a lower maximum volume. When using headphones, though, all three Switch models have the same audio quality. It wasn’t until the V13.0.0 software update arrived in September that the handhelds could support Bluetooth headphones, but as reviewers have pointed out, the functionality is a bit clunky and isn’t compatible with Bluetooth microphones.

Choosing a Wireless or Wired Nintendo Switch Headset

Wireless headsets let you play rambunctiously without worrying about getting tangled in wires. Some models are earbuds, which are the lowest profile design when it comes to headsets. On the other hand, wireless models have limited battery life. Compared to your average wireless earbuds, gaming-oriented headsets boast longer battery life, typically around 20 hours. Great headsets exceed 30 hours of play on a single charge.

Although Nintendo’s move to support Bluetooth audio is a good thing, it’s not without limitations. If you’re playing your Switch with a Bluetooth headset paired, you can only connect two Joy-Cons at a time, instead of the usual eight. That said, if you’re using headphones, you’re likely playing solo and probably not concerned about connecting a bunch of other controllers.

Not all wireless headsets use Bluetooth to transmit audio. Some link to your Switch using 2.4-gigahertz wireless USB-C dongles. These can allow for much faster connection than Bluetooth, so lots of gamers prefer them for uninterrupted audio input and output. To use your wireless headset when your Switch classic or OLED model is docked, you’ll need a USB-A adapter.


When it comes to fit and comfort, you can find the same quality in a wireless or Bluetooth headset as you will in a wired one. The advantage of a wired headset, then, comes down to cost and audio quality. There are pricey wired models, but if you’re looking for a budget model, you’ll get better performance for the money with a traditional headset.

Wired headphones, which connect to your Switch through a typical 3.5-millimeter stereo jack, solve the problem of throttled audio quality due to Bluetooth connections. Using wired headphones also gives you the opportunity to include a DAC, or digital-to-analog converter, in your setup, which can elevate sound quality or audio levels. (It is possible to use DACs with Bluetooth or wireless in general, but it’d be pretty clunky on the Switch and probably isn’t worth it.) This option isn’t necessary for the average Switch player, but if you’re looking for the absolute best audio output, a DAC can help.

What Makes a Good Headset Microphone

None of the Switch models have a built-in microphone, so if you plan to stream on Twitch, record yourself for a YouTube video, or use in-game voice chat features, you’ll need a headset with a mic, and unless you’re playing a third-party app like Fortnite, to download the Nintendo Switch Online app on your phone.

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Although audio output isn’t what you’re going to experience most often when using a headset with your Switch, a microphone can come in handy for other gaming. Look for a model with sound isolation, which means the mic will pick up your voice and anything a few inches from the mic, while “ignoring” sounds like the garbage truck outside or your roommate cooking dinner. It’s also best to choose a unidirectional mic, instead of a bidirectional or omnidirectional model, to pick up just your voice. Better still, if it has something soft around it to keep hard consonants from sounding too crisp to listeners. And if you aren’t planning to chat while playing your Switch, a detachable boom lets you keep your headset minimalistic and lighter weight for maximum comfort.

How We Evaluated

As an avid Switch gamer, I know one of the great things about the console is how immersive it can be. But if you lose sound or struggle with poor audio quality, you’re more likely to focus on tweaking tech than getting to the next level of Little Nightmares II. To find the best Nintendo Switch headsets, I prioritized audio quality, comfort, and a solid microphone. I also found options at a variety of price points because improving the Switch’s middling speakers doesn’t have to require a huge investment. I used headset reviews from the experts at Nintendo Life, Tech Radar, iMore, Sound Guys, Tom’s Guide, and Review Geek, as well as customer reviews on sites like Best Buy. After I meticulously scoured through spec sheets for what felt like hundreds of headsets (but was probably more like 35), the 10 recommendations below stood out.

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Best Wired Headset
Audio-Technica ATH-G1 Premium Gaming Headset

Key Specs

  • Connection: Wired
  • Fit: Over ear
  • Mic: Detachable boom

This headset is legendary among gamers because of its supreme sound quality, unbeatable comfort, and high-quality microphone. The faux-leather pads are replaceable should they wear out, making the higher cost a more reasonable investment over time. The boom mic sits on a flexible arm so you can adjust it to the optimal position, and it detaches when you’re only listening to audio. This is also a stylish option compared to other gaming headsets, with Audio-Technica’s signature round cup shape on full display.

  • Replaceable pads
  • Great sound quality

  • Volume controls on wire, not on cups
  • Expensive
Best Headset For Streamers
Epos H3 Hybrid

Key Specs

  • Connection: Wired and Bluetooth
  • Fit: Over ear
  • Mic: Detachable boom

If you’re serious about streaming, playing with friends, or recording audio while you play, the Epos H3 Hybrid is easily one of the best options out there. This sleek design has two mics—one on a detachable boom arm and the other in the ear cup—so you can chat with friends even when your boom isn’t attached. Raising the boom arm while you’re playing mutes your mic automatically, which is another excellent feature. The volume knob is an easy-to-use wheel on the right cup, and you can expect 7.1 surround sound. Audio comes in from two streams in this headset, so you can listen to your game while hearing your friends’ chatter. The best part? The H3 supports wired and Bluetooth connections, with up to 37 hours of battery life when it isn’t plugged in.

  • Surround sound
  • Dual connectivity for wired and wireless use

  • Expensive
Best Wired Headset Under $50
Corsair HS50 Pro
$39.98 (20% off)

Key Specs

  • Connection: Wired
  • Fit: Over ear
  • Mic: Detachable unidirectional

Corsair has long been a go-to for affordable tech, and its gaming headsets are no different. This stereo headset is a simple, wired option for just $40, making it the ideal pick for beginner Twitch streamers or anyone on a budget. The comfortable memory foam cups muffle outside audio, but they aren’t totally noise-cancelling. Although the sound quality isn’t sophisticated enough for multi-layered music tracks, the HS50 Pro performs well for gaming. The unidirectional mic is easily detachable, and the volume and mic mute switches are located on the ear pad, so you can change volume without stopping play.

  • Comfortable cups
  • Inexpensive

  • No surround sound
Best Mid-Range Wired Headset
Alienware 7.1 Gaming Headset

Key Specs

  • Connection: Wired
  • Fit: Over ear
  • Mic: Retractable noise-cancelling

Alienware’s 7.1 surround sound headset is easily the best value when it comes to mid-range price options. That’s evident by the microphone alone, which can be tough to get in a mid-range model. But Alienware doesn’t stop there. This super sleek, lightweight headset comes with thoughtfully designed memory foam ear cups you can wear for hours on end. The audio quality bolsters the headset’s value with custom audio drivers that produce some of the market’s best sound. Reviewers have reported that the headset’s noise cancelling works almost too well. That’s great for noisy airplane rides or simply getting lost in play.

  • Attractive design
  • Great value

  • Volume controls on wire
Best Headset For Kids
Turtle Beach Recon 50X
Turtle Beach
$21.95 (12% off)

Key Specs

  • Connection: Wired
  • Fit: Over ear
  • Mic: Adjustable

Turtle Beach makes some of the gaming world’s most popular headsets—and they’re often very affordable, too. The Recon 50X is ideal for kids mostly because of its price, so you won’t be mad if it ends up on the floor or squished into the bottom of a backpack. The headset is made of relatively cheap, but surprisingly durable, materials. Although it doesn’t have a ton of features, it’s functional, comfortable, and the mic has decent sound, so your school-aged kiddo can play Switch games with their friends without breaking the bank.

  • Inexpensive
  • Lightweight

  • Cheap materials
  • Microphone isn’t detachable
Best Wireless Headset
Corsair Virtuoso RGB Wireless SE

Key Specs

  • Connection: Wired and wireless
  • Fit: Over ear
  • Mic: Detachable omnidirectional

The Virtuoso is designed beautifully and filled to the brim with incredible specs and high-quality features (as you might expect for a gaming headset at this price). With very comfortable memory foam ear pads and 7.1 surround sound, you’ll feel totally immersed in your Switch. There’s a customizable RGB light at the end of the omnidirectional mic. And because the mic detaches, you can wear these lightweight cans walking around town. Corsair’s SlipStream connector, a proprietary wireless adapter, lets you use the Virtuoso in cordless mode when your Switch is docked, but you’ll need to change to a wired connection for handheld play.

  • Surround sound
  • Incredible mic

  • Expensive
  • Can’t use wirelessly when playing on handheld
Great Aesthetic
Razer Barracuda X

Key Specs

  • Connection: Wired and wireless
  • Fit: Over ear
  • Mic: Detachable with voice isolation

In my opinion, you can’t beat the aesthetics of a bright pink-and-white headset with rounded edges like the Barracuda X. This headset, which also comes in all-white and all-black, is not just an attractive option. It’s also outfitted with 7.1 surround sound, a decent microphone with voice isolation, and about 20 hours of battery life. The USB-C dongle creates the wireless connection when you’re playing handheld. One drawback to this model is the snug fit, which some gamers find a bit too tight for long hours of gaming.

  • Stylish
  • Dual connectivity

  • Fit might be too snug for some gamers
Best Mid-Range Wireless Headset
SteelSeries Arctis 1 Wireless

Key Specs

  • Connection: Wired and wireless
  • Fit: Over ear
  • Mic: Detachable noise-cancelling

SteelSeries makes some of the best PlayStation headsets on the market, but its products are great for Switch users, too. This mid-range option will only cost you $100, making it a great value. Some people find the headband a bit too snug, but it’s adjustable so, in theory, you can mold it to fit. The mic is Discord-certified and bidirectional, and the noise-cancelling design blocks out background noise. The battery life lasts 20-ish hours; that’s comparable to most others on this list, though serious gamers might find it a bit short.

  • Dual connectivity
  • Reasonably priced

  • Some people struggle with the fit
Versatile Bluetooth Earbuds
Jabra Elite 75t

Key Specs

  • Connection: Bluetooth
  • Fit: In ear
  • Mic: Noise cancelling

If you want a pair of earbuds you can wear to the grocery store and also connect to your Switch when you get home, the Jabra Elite 75t is a great option. They have excellent active noise cancelling and superior sound quality. These connect to your Switch via Bluetooth, so you can pop them in anytime. They also come in a convenient charging case that looks super sleek. I’ve used Jabra’s 65ts for years, and the 75ts are only better, featuring longer battery life (about eight hours) and a more ergonomic shape.

  • Versatile
  • Excellent noise cancelling

  • Short battery life
  • Might not be as comfortable as over-ear designs
Best Wireless Earbuds
Epos GTW 270 Hybrid
$133.40 (16% off)

Key Specs

  • Connection: Bluetooth and wireless
  • Fit: In ear
  • Mic: Dual mic

The Epos GTW 270 Hybrid comes with two easy-to-use connectivity options—Bluetooth or a USB-C dongle—so you can wear these earbuds for listening to music or podcasts on your phone or while gaming. They come with a decent mic, but one big drawback is that it only works on Bluetooth, which the Switch doesn’t support. For a headset, this is a pretty big oversight, but not a dealbreaker for every gamer. The sound is nothing like the noise-reductive immersion of the over-ear headsets we’ve reviewed, but it’s certainly decent for the size and ease of these earbuds. The case charges the buds, too, so you don’t have to worry about plugging in after playing.

  • Dual wireless connectivity

  • Mic only works in Bluetooth mode
  • Expensive
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