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30 Best Star Wars Gifts for Fans Who Can't Wait for 'Obi-Wan Kenobi'

Those who love the original trilogy and those who love the new one will both find something in this selection.

gifts for star wars lovers

With the holidays quickly approaching, the super fans in your life will be itching for some of the best items and gifts on the market to enjoy while re-watching the Star Wars trilogy for the 15th time. Now that Disney+ has every Star Wars movie, and has announced various new shows and movies in the works (with the newest, Book of Boba Fett, coming at the end of the year), your favorite fans won’t want to leave their homes this season.

But, aside from watching the epic films and TV shows, why not give some physical gifts or memorabilia to the Star Wars lovers in your life? From Legos and other building sets, to kitchen appliances, and even to some historical books, we’ve gathered some of the best Star Wars gifts that would make Grogu proud.

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Great Gift for Teachers
Darth Vader Pen Holder

Star Wars-obsessed teachers would love to add this pen holder to their desk in their classroom. Imagine them going to write out lesson plans and they’re handed their pen from Darth Vader; how cool?! Even their students would be impressed.

Light Up Your Child's Bedroom
3D Night Light for Kids

Replace your child’s normal nightlight with this 3D Star Wars-themed one. You can choose a mini Baby Yoda, Darth Vader, or Mandalorian (depending on what your child’s favorite character is). It has six different light options, along with a time display screen, timer, and built-in battery.

For the Star Wars-Obsessed College Kid
Bluetooth Speaker
$38.99 (22% off)

Looking for a gift for your college-aged student? This Bluetooth speaker would make a great addition to their dorm room (especially if they're a super fan of the epic trilogy). They can wirelessly stream audio up to 30 feet, and any smartphone or device can connect to it. Plus, the Star Wars “Main Theme” is already preloaded, so they can play that for any friends that may venture into their space.

For the Darth Vader Enthusiasts
Lego Darth Vader Helmet

Experienced Lego builders—and Darth Vader enthusiasts—will love this unique Legos set. It's part of a series of collectible Star Wars-themed Legos, and would make a great display on any shelf or desk. 

For an Up-and-Coming Coder
Kano the Force Coding Kit
$21.95 (73% off)

For young Star Wars fans who want to learn how to code, the Force allows them to create their own motion sensor from JavaScript to simulate swinging lightsabers and flying starships.

Perfect for Snow Days
Star Wars Origami
Workman Publishing

Perfect for kids or adults who want to perfect their crafting skills, this Star Wars-themed origami kit comes with 32 paper-folding projects. They can transform a piece of paper into Yoda, R2D2, and many more iconic characters from the series.

Great for Family Game Night
Star Wars Monopoly

Family members can relive all nine episodes of this epic series at their next game night with this themed Monopoly. The properties in this game are planets and droids, TIE fighters and X-wings replace houses and hotels, and each of the nine tokens relates to a character from the movies.

For a Classic Movie Fanatic
Star Wars Character Encyclopedia
DK Children

Any movie fanatic (doesn’t necessarily have to be Star Wars) would love to learn more about these characters. More than 200 heroes, villains, droids, and more are featured in this encyclopedia with pictures, descriptions, and fun facts you may not have known before.

The Easy Lego Set
Lego BrickHeadz Building Kit

Star Wars-themed Legos are pretty popular in our guide. But, what’s great about this set is that there aren’t too many pieces, so your child (or other Lego fanatic) can easily assemble these and display them in their room, on a shelf, or any other living space. Each set comes with both The Mandalorian and The Child.

Toasting Turned Fun
R2D2 Toaster
Williams Sonoma

This toaster is a great gift for any Star Wars fan who is a natural in the kitchen (or, just a natural at using a toaster). They can make their next batch of avocado toast on some bread made in the heart of R2D2.

Almost Like the Real Thing
Darth Vader Premium Electronic Helmet
Star Wars

Hardcore Darth Vader fans would have a blast wearing this replicated helmet. It comes with a collar, hood, and mask pieces, and is fitted to anyone who puts it on. Any Star Wars fan would marvel at this type of gift. 

For Your Favorite Grillmaster
‘May the Forks Be With You’ Apron

The go-to griller of the family will love this place on the timeless phrase “May the Force Be With You” with this punny apron. It’s one size fits all, with an adjustable neck strap and long waist ties, and comes with two front pockets for storing grilling utensils, cooking tools, and more. This is a great gift for the holidays.

For the Star Wars Lover and Artist
Star Wars Coloring Book

The budding artist in your life will want to put their skills into action with this 100-image Star Wars-themed coloring book. Various landscapes, patterns, and characters are featured in this collection, so your favorite artist will have hours of fun using their imagination and creativity to color.

Fun and Healthy for the Whole Family
Death Star Popcorn Maker
Uncanny Brands

Your next family movie night will be complete with this Death Star popcorn maker. It’ll look great in any kitchen (but especially a Star Wars-themed kitchen). 

Plus, not only is it fun, it’s a healthier way to make popcorn; it uses a hot-air popping method that doesn’t require any oil. So, just add some kernels and have a poppin’ night!

For the Cheese Connoisseur
Star Wars/Death Star Circo Cheese Set

Cheese lovers everywhere will want to add this set to their collection. This circular, hardwood cutting board features an engraved image of the Death Star on top, and compartments for various cheeses, crackers, and knives on the base.

Great Gift in Time for the Remake
‘Dune’ by Frank Herbert

This 1965 science-fiction epic by Frank Herbert hugely inspired George Lucas’s Star Wars. The deluxe 2019 hardcover includes a new cover, illustrations, a poster, and a redesigned map of the world. Plus, it’s a great time to finally read this seminal sci-fi text ahead of its recent remake.

Compatible With the Amazon Echo Dot 3rd Gen
The Child Stand for Amazon Echo Dot 3rd Gen.
$21.95 (12% off)

Made for the Amazon Echo Dot 3rd Gen., this stand will look great in a family member’s living room—especially beside any other Star Wars memorabilia. Amazon says it’s “designed to delight the whole family.”

For the Baker
Cakelet Pan
Williams Sonoma

Planning a Star Wars-themed party for your child? Make their cakes in various shapes of characters from the series. The nonstick pan will really highlight the details of Yoda, Darth Vader, C-3PO, R2-D2, Chewbacca, a Stormtrooper and BB-8.

A Halloween Costume Accessory
Jedi Knight Light Saber
Star Wars

Your child will love this lightsaber as an accessory for their Halloween costume this year. It's made of plastic and lights up green when they turn it on. Just get them some AAA batteries to make it work and they’re set to have the best costume of the season.

A Delicious Baby Yoda Breakfast
Baby Yoda Waffle Maker
Uncanny Brands

Your kids would be thrilled to eat breakfast every morning if their waffles had Baby Yoda's adorable face imprinted on them. 

Well, actually, any Star Wars fan would love to eat Baby Yoda waffles. All you’d have to do is fill the machine with batter, let the waffle cook, and then dig in.

Best Large-Scale Action Figure
The Child Posable Action Figure
Star Wars
$11.95 (43% off)

This 6.5-inch figure of Baby Yoda will melt any fan's heart. Not only is it super cute, but its details essentially match that of the character in the Disney+ series. With this gift, your recipient can add to their collection of other collectible Star Wars characters for.

Great for the Holiday Host
Star Wars 2-Qt Slow Cooker
Select Brands, Inc

With the holiday season right around the corner, you’ll want to get the cook of the family this slow cooker to make all of their delicious meals. It has three cook settings, a removable insert with a glass lid, a heating base, and its capacity is two quarts. It’s great for all dips and appetizers before the main course.

For Watching the Whole Saga
Disney+ Subscription

If a Star Wars fan in your life didn’t already immediately sign up for a Disney+ subscription, full access to the whole saga, as well as new Star Wars content, may make it the best present of all.

Rainy-Day Fun
Lego Millenium Falcon

For a slightly less ambitious—but still impressive—Lego build, you can opt for the 1,351-piece Millennium Falcon, complete with character figures from the new trilogy like Rey, Finn, and BB-8.

Great for the WFH Parent
Vinyl Wall Clock
$37.00 (46% off)

If your parent is still working from home, you’ll want to make sure they’ll never lose track of time. This vinyl Star Wars-themed clock will make a great addition to their home office. It’s made with a used vinyl record and comes with a hook to easily mount it on the wall. 

A Fun Kids Smartwatch
Mandalorian Interactive Smartwatch
Star Wars

Your child will learn how to tell time while also enjoying some classic Star Wars designs and themes with this interactive smartwatch. It includes three wallpapers, 10 clock faces, a step counter, alarm, timer, and more. This watch is incredibly easy to operate, too.

Watch it Grow
Yoda Chia Pet
Chia Pet

In one to two weeks, your child can watch a replica of Yoda grow! This set comes with a pottery planter, plastic drip tray, and seed packets for three plantings. It would even look great in their room once it’s fully grown.

Best Two-Player Game
Star Wars Legion: Core Set Strategy Board Game
Star Wars

Siblings would love this two-player mini game of battle, warfare, and more through the Star Wars universe. Characters like Darth Vader and Luke Skywalker face off in multiple scenarios in settings, so the siblings in your life will have hours of fun dueling.

Encourages Creative Thinking
Lego Art: The Sith

Art collectors (or those who just have a strong interest in art) would appreciate putting this Lego art piece together of The Sith. It has three building options, has just over 3,400 pieces, includes nine wall decor plates, and can even hang on a wall. They can even combine the three sets to make their art more intricate and abstract.

For Pretend Fun
Han Solo Millennium Falcon Scaled Figure and Vehicle
Star Wars

This Star Wars gift is perfect for letting imaginations run wild. With this scaled figure of the Millennium Falcon, and figures of Han Solo and Chewbacca, your recipient can recreate their scenes from the movie.

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