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The 37 Best Family Board Games

Shake up family game night classics with some of these new favorites.

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For most of the week, your family is likely hustling to work and school while scarfing down a quick dinner before homework and bed. From classic board games like Sorry! to more recent versions (Watch Ya' Mouth, anyone?), the options are endless and you may find your new fam tradition.

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1 Not Parent Approved: A Card Game for Families

Inspired by the very adult game Cards Against Humanity, this family fun card game prompts players with fill-in-the-blank questions, and each person will choose a card from their hand that they think fits best with the question. 

Warning: The answer cards are totally ridiculous, so be prepared for wacky combinations. 

2 Family Feud Trivia Box Card Game

This little cube contains loads of fun for your next family game night. With this trivia box version of the popular game show, there are hundreds of questions for players to choose from. It never gets old! 

3 Spontuneous Board Game

This board game belongs in every home. Not only will your family have a blast getting goofy, but time spent playing this game doubles as an opportunity for kids to build confidence when it comes to expression, creativity, and improv! There's one disclaimer: No talent required. 🎶

4 Trivial Pursuit Family Edition Game (Amazon Exclusive)

Can you answer this: Who lives in a pineapple under the sea? OK, that one might've been too easy, but your family will have a night of fun playing Trivial Pursuit and seeing who knows their trivia the best. We love that there are cards for the kids and for the adults so everyone can join in on the fun. 

5 Amigo Games Clack!

When your family is a blend of kiddos of all different ages and you need a game that everyone can quickly understand and enjoy, Clack is it! 

The directions are super easy. Spread out the magnetic discs and roll the two dice. Depending on the shape and color combination, everyone playing will race to pick up every disc that fits the bill. No need to spend hours arguing over the directions — just get to playing!

6 Sequence for Kids Game

Young kiddos can create sequences on the board with colored chips based on the cards they draw. Use a special unicorn card to move your playing chip anywhere you want, or use the dragon card to remove an opponent's chip!

7 Cranium 3-in-1 Game Board

Remember that scene in the 90's classic childhood movie Matilda where she discovers her powers and says that people only use a small percentage of their brain? This 3-in-1 board game will challenge your family to use every part of their brain with a mix of sketching, sculpting, acting, and word play tasks throughout the game.

8 Hasbro Don’t Step In It! Unicorn Edition

Do your best to avoid number two (while blindfolded!) and you might be number one. This game is a popular one, so it will fluctuate from being in stock to being unavailable. Grab it when you can! 

Players simply roll out the game mat and use the spinner to determine how many piles of unicorn *magic* will be placed on the mat. You can laugh, talk, jump, walk, or run as you make your way — but whatever you do, don't step in it.

9 Jenga Classic Game

This game needs no explanation — just a space in your game closet! Jenga is such a blast, and if you think it's too simple to get excited over, just wait until your adrenaline starts rushing at the tug of each block! This set includes 54 hardwood Jenga blocks.

10 No Stress Chess

With more than a thousand raving reviews on Amazon, parents especially love playing this game with their kids who are new to the game of chess!

11 Mattel Apples to Apples

Apples to Apples is a fast-paced card game that's incredibly easy to learn. Each player gets seven cards, and everyone takes turns playing judge, deciding if the "person, place, or thing" card played is enough of an "apples to apples" comparison to the descriptive card that's been played. The winner gets to keep the descriptor card, and the person who collects the most cards wins! 

This is a great game for kids 12 years or older, and it's great for parties, because you can play with four to eight players. 

12 Bop-It! Board Game

Bop it! Pull it! Sing it! This is the classic game you probably remember unwrapping as a child and is a wonderful option to introduce into family game night. With 10 new moves, Bop It! is completely refreshed while still being as fun as you remember. 

13 Yeti in My Spaghetti

Another silly and simple game that the entire family can enjoy is Yeti in My Spaghetti. Lay the spaghetti strands over the red bowl and place the Yeti on the top. Each family member will pull out a spaghetti noodle, one by one, until the Yeti falls into the bowl!

14 Phase 10 Card Game

Created by the same game geniuses that brought the world Uno, Phase 10 is a family fun game that everyone will love. Similar to Rummy, each player is dealt a hand and has to complete a unique phase that gets more challenging as the game continues. The first person to complete phase 10 wins! 

15 Tile Lock Scrabble

Create words on a board that'll keep your tiles secure! It's just like the classic game of Scrabble, but without total destruction of the game if your pet jumps on the board. What a cool feature!

16 Toilet Trouble Game

We can't stop laughing. This hilarious game is so simple to play, but too ridiculous to quit. Roll the toilet paper to reveal how many flushes you must press when it's your turn. If you don't get sprayed with toilet water by the time you're done flushing, consider yourself lucky.

17 Mancala

Move your pieces down the wooden Mancala board strategically to see who'll win first. Make sure to be patient, because you don't want to lose your marbles in the process. 😉

18 Catan: Junior

This is the kid version of the super popular board game, Settlers of Catan. It's a perfect intro for kids ages 6 and up who are ready to explore the world of Catan. Don't forget to find the gold while you're navigating the tropical islands!

19 Candy Land: The World of Sweets Game

This game is sweet enough to eat. Are you ready to race to the castle? In this simple game that's perfect for little gamers, each player simply moves along the board finding candy-filled adventures and directions along the way!

20 Connect 4

This classic Connect 4 game is great for players 3 years old and up, with easy-to-learn instructions and multiple ways to play. Be the first to get four discs in a row and you win! Strategize carefully to trick and block opponents, and master the grid to win every game.

21 Speech Breaker Game Voice Jamming Challenge Microphone Headset Electronic Party Game

In this game, players have to explain a scene to their teammates (without using the words on the card) while this mischievous microphone tries to break up your speech. Through laughs and slurs, this game will keep everyone engaged and on their toes. 

22 Ouija Board

Lights off, candles on. Freak the whole family out on Halloween! Ask this classic Ouija board a question and wait to see what answer the Mystifying Oracle reveals. This classic version of the game includes a sturdy wood Ouija board featuring original graphics and a message indicator. 

23 Classic Twister

Bust a move and stretch it out to be the winner! Can you hit a green spot with your left foot while balancing on your right hand over a red spot? Sounds hard, but that's the point. Jump into a game of Classic Twister on the next game night for loads of laughs and family fun.

24 Melissa and Doug Suspend Family Game

This game requires a ton of patience and hand-eye coordination! Players (up to four) take turns building with the 24 game rods. One bad move and it could all come crashing down!

25 Telestrations

TBH, you can leave your drawing skills at home and just bring your sense of humor and imagination! Stick figures will definitely make the cut in this game that's just like the classic game of Telephone — except with drawing!

26 Ultra Dash

When the colors flash, be sure to move quickly! Designed to be played in teams, Ultra Dash will keep the energy high as players race to tag the correct colors. The winners are determined based on accuracy and speed.

27 Czech Games Codenames
Czech Games

This is a game of secrets, clues, and trying to avoid a rogue assassin. Between the spymasters and the teammates, everyone is racing to unveil the true identity behind the codenames using the random clues given. There's only one other problem, however. There is a secret assassin that has to be avoided at all costs. Good luck! 

28 Pictionary

Good for an infinite number of players, Pictionary has your guests covered for a great night ahead. This hilarious quick-draw guessing game will keep everyone entertained and on their feet to find out who in the family is a phenomenal artist, and who could use a lesson or two.

29 Guess Who?

This classic game of Guess Who? might just become a new family favorite, even though it hasn't changed a bit since the '80s! 

The game that features different characters will keep you on the edge of your seat. Your opponent will hold a card containing a mystery face, and you'll use your own board to determine which character it is.

30 The Game of Life Junior

The classic board game gets faster and more fun in a junior version. Kids can opt to be a video game designer or singer, instead of the traditional doctor or accountant. And unlike the adult game, which follows a player's entire life, the focus here is on one fun-filled day.

31 Ideal Hot Potato Electronic Musical Passing Game

A modern twist on a schoolyard classic, this electronic hot potato will have the whole family tossing the plush spud around the living room. The object of this game is to not be stuck holding the potato when the tunes stop. The player holding it when the music stops has to grab a potato chip card — and three cards means you're out! 

32 Throw Throw Burrito by Exploding Kittens
Exploding Kittens LLC

Here is your fair warning; do not play this game in the room with all of the family heirlooms! If a matching game had a baby with dodgeball, Throw Throw Burrito would be it. As players race to snatch up match pairs, other players try to throw the soft burritos at them. If you are hit with a smiley faced burrito, points are automatically deducted. This will be your family's favorite end-of-week game. 

33 Watch Ya' Mouth Ultimate Edition Game
Watch Ya' Mouth

Have you ever tried to speak with a mouth full of marshmallows? It might've sounded a little like cawn yuh anderstand mehhh? This game challenges you to whip out those same marshmallow-mouth skills to say a list 0f family friendly phrases with the mouthpiece in place. The ultimate edition comes with over 200 phrases for your family to mumble through as each team tries to figure out what is being said.

34 Ker Plunk

Don't let the marbles fall! In this classic game of Ker Plunk, players take turns carefully removing the sticks that support the marbles. Once a marble drops down, it's game over! Don't let it be you!

35 Monopoly: Fortnite Edition Board Game

There's nothing like buckling down to play a dedicated game of Monopoly with your family members, Fortnite style. In this game, it's not about how much the players own, but how long they survive. 

36 Clue Game

Who's responsible for murdering Mr. Boddy in his own home? Was it Mrs. Peacock with the rope in the library? Or Professor Plum with the candlestick in the study? It's up to you to find out by detecting Tudor Mansion's many rooms, weapons, and guests in a mystery game like no other.

37 Qwirkle Board Game

Kind of like a matching game on steroids, Qwirkle is a Mensa award winning puzzle that is a cross between Dominoes and Scramble, your group of four will try to mix and match the tiles based on the colors and shape. It's the perfect way to get the brain waves flowing for family game night. 

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