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Up Your Game Night Fun With These 10 Ping-Pong Tables

The whole family will win when you bring these home.

ping pong table
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As summer winds down, more of us are looking for ways to stay busy and active inside, sans screens. Ping-pong tables provide an excellent source of fun and entertainment for people of all ages, with a range of athletic abilities. While table tennis is an Olympics sport, you don’t have to be a gold medalist to master the basics or get in the game.

What to Consider

Ping-pong tables are not all the same; they aren’t even all “regulation”-sized. When compiling our list, we noticed several variables to consider that will impact your enjoyment of the game, depending on your needs and skill level.

Indoor or outdoor? Most of our tables are made for indoor use, but we threw in a few that were treated to withstand the elements.

Storage: Some ping-pong tables are designed to stay up all the time, while others are easy to store when not in use.

Skill Level: We have tables that will work for beginners, intermediate and pro-level players.

Size: Most of our selections are standard sizes, but we also included smaller options that are great on the go and for your younger children.

How We Selected

We reviewed hundreds of table tennis options, keeping a range of skills, needs and budgets in mind. We also consulted experts and looked at consumer assessments, and only included tables that were highly rated by both groups.

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Best for Beginners
JOOLA Indoor Table Tennis

This JOOLA inside table is ideal for beginners, but is “competition-grade” and suitable for competitive players as well. 

The regulation-size indoor ping-pong table comes 95% assembled, and can be set up in about 10 minutes, and its two halves and 3-inch lockable wheels and casters make it easy to roll out of the way when not in use. 

One reviewer says, “if you are considering price, quality in construction and careful packing and shipping, then this is the table you want.” 

Another reviewer noted that at first, it felt “weird” that the table came in two parts and was connected by the net, but eventually they got used to it and “use it every day.”

Best Outdoor Table
Butterfly Store Outdoor Ping Pong Table

If there’s no place to put a ping-pong table in your house, this outdoor set is a solid choice. It can be kept in your backyard or in your garage. In order to protect the wood from warping, a protective seal is added to the table; professionals will notice the difference in bounce, but recreational players won’t. 

This table comes with a 10-year warranty on the top and a 3-year warranty on the frame. It folds up and can be stored when not in use. It also offers a paddle, ball and accessory holder. 

A few reviewers noted that assembling the table takes time, but many praise the quality overall, saying it “holds up well outside!”

Best Pro-Level
Donic Waldner Classic Table Tennis

This International Table Tennis Federation-approved ping-pong table features a 25-mm playing surface with professional bounce and consistency. It is comprised of two halves that fold separately for rollable storage. This is a high-quality, sturdy table with a safety locking system. 

While it’s pro-worthy, it is also an excellent game table for those who want a durable, well-crafted set. Experts say it will last decades.

Best Budget
GoSports Mid-Size Table Tennis

This table tennis set comes with two paddles and four balls, and the table surface (6 x 3 feet) is smaller than the standard competition size, but it’s large enough for the spirit of competition, and small enough to fold and store. 

The setup is easy, and the table can be carried by one person thanks to built-in carrying handles. This table is great for families who are serious about fun, but don’t plan on training for the Olympics. 

One reviewer says “it’s great for parties and barbecues,” though another reviewer notes that it’s so lightweight it can shift around during play.

Best Solo Top
JOOLA Tetra Ping Pong Table Top

This ping-pong table top lets you instantly convert a billiard, air hockey, dining or picnic table into a regulation table tennis set. (The minimum size of table bottom is 7 x 3 feet.)

The four-piece top is preassembled and features a hinge design that makes storage easy. All you have to do is clip the net (which is included) onto the 12-mm-thick conversion top and you’ll be ready to go. 

Reviewers love the convenience this table offers, but warn that “the hinges in the back are not recessed. If you plan to lay this on a flat table,” you will need something to pad it to prevent scratching.

Best Transportable Table
Pick-Up-And-Go Table

This mini table (59 x 27 x 26 inches) is a favorite for families with young kids, or for people who love their ping-pong games so much, they want to bring them on the road. 

This table tennis game can be set indoors, outdoors, anywhere you want to play, and features a carrying case with handles. It not only keeps kids busy, the smaller size helps them learn to focus, develop upper body strength and balance and work on concentration. The set includes two paddles and three balls. 

Reviewers rave that their “kids love it,” and it “fits in the playroom!”

Best Mid-Grade Table
Stiga Advantage Professional Table Tennis

If you’re not a beginner, but never plan on going pro, this Stiga table will give you excellent play for your money. 

Reviewers on Amazon are enamored, with an average of 4.7 out of 5 stars from more than 6,190 people. The regulation-size table comes 95% preassembled, and setting up the rest is a snap. The table can also be rolled and moved around thanks to the set of lockable casters. 

One reviewer says that the quality-to-price ratio is “excellent,” and the only complaint they have is that the “5/8-inch-thick board provides slightly less bounce than the one-inch-thick board that we use in the club.”

Best Patriotic Table
JOOLA Indoor Ping Pong Table

This Olympic-sized ping-pong table will get your competitive engines revving. This table is red, white and blue, and an excellent reminder that JOOLA is the sponsor of the biggest competitions in the world, from the Olympics to the World Championships. The equipment is designed for players of all levels. 

Reviewers praised the “easy setup,” “sturdy” build, and the “good bounce and playability” it offers. Still, one noted it’s “clearly not a $1,000 table.”

Best Splurge
Stiga Premium Tennis Table

This International Table Tennis Federation-approved regulation-sized table is ideal for anyone who wants a super-premium product that will last for years. The 1-inch tournament top features silkscreen striping and a 2 2/5-inch steel apron. 

The 5-inch machine-grade ball-bearing casters allow the table to be rolled around as needed, but will lock in place during play. The table is 100% preassembled, with a compact storage design. 

One reviewer dubs this “hands down the best ping-pong table out there,” while others say it’s “extremely high quality,” and are delighted that “no assembly is required except putting the net on.”

Best Indoor-Outdoor
JOOLA Outdoor-Indoor Table Tennis
$449.50 (18% off)

This regulation-sized table features indoor ping-pong quality with outdoors durability, and looks fabulous inside or outside the house. It comes 95% assembled with a set-up time of 10 minutes. The table is foldable, features anti-tilting locks and separates into two independent halves, making it user-friendly for storing. 

One reviewer says “it does not cost a fortune, can be easily moved and can be used outside.” Another says it is a “nice table that plays well,” but the “main drawback is how the table folds for storage.”

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