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Kingbright Lanza el Nuevo Catálogo 2020-2021

Kingbright is extremely excited to release the latest 2020-2021 optoelectronics catalog on our 30th year anniversary in North America!

This new catalog features ultra-high efficient and innovative LEDs equip with the latest technologies in compliance with RoHS & REACH Directives. It contains our latest market demand packages with exceptional performances available in most acceptable industry footprints.

Catalog content provides specifications, diagrams and product photos in five product categories – SMD LEDs, Through-Hole LEDs, SMD Displays, Circuit Board Indication, and Infrared & Phototransistors

Kingbright also offers full custom LED options in desired forms, fit & function to accomplish design needs. For further LED design objectives or special requirements, please contact Kingbright Sales at (909) 468 -0500 or submit inquiry.

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Acerca de Kingbright

Kingbright es un LED fabricante líder que ha fabricado innovadores LEDs durante más de 40 años. Kingbright ofrece los productos de LED más completos de la industria, incluyendo: LEDs Display SMD, Indicadoress de Placa de Circuitos, LEDs de Alto Brillo, LEDs Displays de Inserción y otros productos de LED relacionados. Con cuatro plantas de fabricación en Shenzhen China, todas acreditadas con certificación TS 16949, ISO 9001 e ISO 14001. Kingbright cumple su mission fundamental de dedicarse a las innovaciones tecnológicas y otorgarse en proyectos de I&D. Para más informaciones, por favor visite www.KingbrightUSA.com.